Tuesday, 25 June 2013

OOTD Floral Skirt and Frilly Socks

 Hello there,
Since London weather is completely unreliable i have to vary my style nearly every day, sometimes i can get away with shorts and a vest but other days it has to be jeans and an umbrella. This outfit is very versitile because i can just wip off the tights and wear the socks and i can take off the jumper and and just wear the vest underneath. 
Sorry for the quality of the pictures i had to take them on my Mac because i can't work out how to set a picture timer on my camera!

I love this skirt so much because it is such thin material, so it is perfect for summer. I also wear this in autumn with think tights and an oversized knit. I brought it in Paris 2 years ago and i love that it is a floral print but from a distance it looks like a splurge or beautiful colours. I don't wear much brown but i really like the brown on this skirt because it has a little tint of grey to it. 

This jumper is nice and baggy so it doesn't feel too tight and isn't too warm. I brought it from h&m last Autumn/Winter. I think it looks really feminine but edgy over the skirt.

I think the chain goes really well and makes the colour of the jumper stand out more. And it pops out of the outfit because the rest of the outfit is so girly.  This necklace has basically been worn every day since i got it from Dorothy Perkins 2 weeks ago. 
The socks are perfect for this outfit because they are bring barbie pink and white which are the exact colour of the outfit. It also gives a girly school girl look and were a complete bargain at £1.50 from Primark. 

Toodles Poodles


  1. I really like your necklace! I love them because they can make such a difference to an outfit!



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