Monday, 24 June 2013

Weekly Wishies #3

I would love to have someone write a guest post for my blog. Please drop me a email or leave me a comment and we can sort something out. 

Who doesn't want a sweet slogan tee? And one that puts a strong message across AND is totally adorable and comical. I love Gemma Correll's designs and i always end up buying one of her cards every time i go to Paperchase. Finally this top is on sale and is a reasonable price. the pug is so cute on this and the font of the writing is really girly. I would wear this with a pair of washed jeans and a biker jacket. 

This shirt is so feminine and perfect for autumn and spring (and England's summers...). I love thin material shirts but they are too over priced for what they are. I still like £25 is a bit pricy for a plain polka dot shirt but i love the colour. Mint has been a big trend in spring but now that it's summer, mint is getting more greener and not so pastel. What do you think about the 'new' mint?

I have been looking for a new watch for ages and i think i have finally found the one. I am very picky when it comes to watches but mint matches most of my wardrobe so i think this would fit in nicely! The gold really accents the mint and adds more of a bolder look to it. 

Doesn't everyone need a perfect denim skirt? I think i have found the perfect one for me. I love this denim skirt because it isn't tight fitting and it is the perfect length. I love that it is like a little circle skirt and it's very blue and looks a tad vintage. You can literally wear denim with everything. 

This bed t-shirt is perfect for me because i spend most of my weekends in my p.j's and i think i could easily get away with answering the door in this without looking like i have just woken up and enough answering the door in my onesie! I would even wear this with leggings on a calm day when i just need to pop to the shop. People would be like "Is she rocking a nighty?"

This bright, summer palette is perfect for me because i love every single one of the colours inside and they are all colours that would match my clothes. I'm not very good at eyeshadows so this would be a good chance for me to learn but i am willing to just for this palette. There is a wide mixture of matte, shimmer and pearl so i would have a large range. I am even tempted to learn to do blush just for the blush set from this collection!

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  1. id love to do a guest post!!xxxx

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