Monday, 10 June 2013

Weekly Wishies #2

Hiya guys, 
My blogging has been a bit reckless lately so i am really sorry for the random posts on random days! I have been crazy busy lately, no idea why just have been. I am trying to be more organised but so far it hasn't been going too well. For todays post i decided on a wish list. Bit boring but i have been completely obsessed with reading other people wish lists and my Wantworthy list has just been getting longer and longer and longer. 
My Wantworthy list is full of summer items and refreshing body scrubs and mousturisers. In the summer i am completely obsessed with making my body and face feel nice and refreshed everyday especially long days at the park. My skin may not look greasy but i feel incredibly creasy and clammy after a sunny day out. I also like to keep good care of my hair in the summer because i go swimming so much and my hair is normally up. 

Tan Boots: I would happily replace my Doc Martins for a pair of these. Doc Martins are my go to Winter boot and i practically live in them in the Winter because they protect from the rain and snow really well but these are just so vintage. It's a bit random for Topshop to be selling a boot with a thermal lining in the Summer but they are just too gorgeous to ignore. This Victorian style boot is one of my favourite boot trends and i love the simplicity of them. The little Bronze buckle round the back is makes the allusion of slimmer ankles. 

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish: Summer (if it ever comes) is the biggest time for me to be wearing very colourful clothes and normally i don't wear nail polish because i live in the pool and am always doing something so a. it will crack very easily and b. there is no time to be painting my nails. Nude is a perfect colour for me because if it cracks it isn't as noticeable and the Gelly range at barry M is super glossy so i won't have to worry about another coat. Also if my outfit is colourful i don't want my nails to be too bright.

Luch Bubblegum Lip Scrub: Bit Late on the wagon but i feel it is finally time for me to venture into Lush and spend over £5.00 on a lip scrub. I have borrowed some from my friends before and it is more addictive then Pringles (saying this having eaten a whole pack of Pringles today...and another in the cupboard ready for tomorrow). This is the only product that i would say is a miracle in a pot. I get really dry lip and within 30 seconds of using these all the dead skin has disappeared and leaves my lips feeling really soft. 

Breakfast Scrub: Even the name just draws me in! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day (especially at hotels) and the thought of rubbing breakfast all over your body sounds...a bit weird but i can just imagine the smell. Soap&Glory is a bit overpriced but i can willing to pay more for a scrub at this time of year because i like to refresh my body and scrubs last longer then body smoothies and lotions.

Coral Urbanears: I tried out my friends and they are fabulous! I hate most pairs of headphones and earphones because I find them so un-comfy and none of them block out the sound of the outside sound enough but these are amazing at both of them. I also love the colour because it's so girly. These can also be used as speakers.

Denim Cropped Shirt: Cropped shirts are all the rage now! I am completely loving them! they looked great with jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts and just about everything. I particularly like this one because it is a bit of a twist on the normal denim shirt and the pattern has a very vintage feel.

Kisses and Hugs 

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