Thursday, 20 June 2013

Little Haul and NOTD

Finally i have got around to this post! I have so many posts just waiting to be finished or written and i am slowly getting around to them all. This haul has been brought in the last fortnight. 
Just to mention (if you don't know already) Topshop have a sale on and everything is selling fast so get on down to your local Topshop!
 I completely love t-shirts but i don't like the traditional shape. I love this top because it is basically a t-shirt with a feminine touch. I love the writing on it because it is completely random and i like that the letters are thin. The colour is perfect and will match anything. So far i have worn this top with shorts, jeans, leggings and a skirt.

 The label is so cute! It's a little mug with a lipstick mark on it (i think we can all relate to that).

 Bit on the pricey side but has been the only t-shirt i have seen and liked in a very long time.

 The bottom of the top is cut so it gives more of a edgy feel.

 I don't know why this made me so excited but i was so happy to see the label put on with a safety pin instead of those annoying tags.

 I couldn't not show you a picture of this!

I have wanted a chain for ages because i wear a lot of collars and have now started to wear more t-shirts. I find the Topshop chains too heavy and too expensive. This one feels very light and when you run it makes a sound that reminds me of spending hours in Claire's when i was tiny and touching all the necklaces. 

My local Superdrug has had a complete make over and i thought it was my duty is go inside.

 The next thing i brought was RIMMEL WAKE ME UP FOUNDATION! I am sitting at my computer clapping myself because i am so proud i have finally brought this! I even got it for £5.99 at my local Superdrug. I got the shade Ivory which acually looks really dark in the bottle but is my perfect shade (no more dark foundations for me). It also has SPF 15 which is perfect because i don't generally get burnt on my face but i like to have some protection from the sun and the typically English weather has started to get hotter but also rain so i will need a foundation that is long lasting and one that has SPF. 

 Nivea are always my go to for completely basic products. The Nivea in-shower moisturiser has had a lot of hype in the blogging world lately so i thought i'd better snatch it up before the prices go sky high. 
I generally moisturise after the shower but a lot of the time i don't have time so i thought this would be great and really easy and i know my skin will like it because Nivea's so friendly to skin. It also smells of Almonds. 

 Finally for my NOTD i am wearing Barry M Turquoise and Barry M Top and Base coat. I love this colour because it is like an electric sky blue.

 I brought my Audrey Hepburn ring on Ebay shop in February and can't find the link.

 Hope you like my post and tomorrow i am off to Chessington World of Adventures so i might do a post on that soon. 

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  1. Ahh I love the gold chain but I don't think I can pull it off :( I'm obsessed with your Audrey Hepburn ring too :) have an amazing time at chessington!!! Cute blog - I'm following now :)
    If you have a spare moment please check out my blog at and if you like what you see, follow back and keep in touch? :) lots of love xxx


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