Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Importance of Pride.

That thing that not enough people have because they are too scared to have faith in themselves. You need to be proud to have pride and be untouchable. The people that have no 
self love, end up hating others. Pride is one of the most powerful emotions. This world doesn't have enough of it. 

You need pride to be able to eat a whole pack of Pringles by yourself. 
You need pride to stand in front of a whole hall of people and explain why they are all wrong.
You need pride to walk into a room wearing a onesie. 
You need pride to walk up to the homeless women and give her a fiver.
You need pride to walk into a homeless shelter and serve soup.
You need pride to be able to smile when you look in the mirror. 
You need PRIDE.

You notice that Pride is made up of lots of different emotions. You need to believe in yourself more and admit to yourself the differences between you and others because you know what? YOU ARE DIFFERENT! Embrace the pride that you have and let it out!

Song recommendation:Change your Life-Little Mix

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