Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Sale Picks♡

It's that time of the year anticipated by all...SALE SEASON! I can never contain my excitement when i get an email from Urban Outfitters or Topshop telling me that a sale has begun. I immediately click the link and spend my whole lunch time drooling over all the gorgeous clothes at such low prices. But the worst thing is finding an item you brought at great expense thinking "oh, this will never go on sale" on the sale rack for less than half the price you payed. It's happened to us all.

Lately, i have been feeling like my wardrobe has been lacking some floral prints. This skirt from Urban outfitters is a perfect way to wear the daisy trend with out looking like a toddler going to day school. My favorite thing to wear in spring is probably skirts because they are so versatile so will look great with anything.

Who remembers Garfield? I had completely forgotten about him until i saw this top. I don't think i would ever pay full price for a joke top like this one but i would pay sale price. I could never wear this out the house unless i was just going to the corner shop. This would probably become my favorite pyjama and 'i can't be bothered' day t-shirt.

Even though coat weather has pasted, I still feel like i have a duty to buy this one from Topshop. When buying coats i always tend to go towards the more basic colours like black and navy. Maybe i should try a really colourful coat. Do any of you own any brightly coloured coats? It's even got a fluffy hood; perfect for acting like an Eskimo. And it even has boob pockets because everyone needs them...

I've never really been brave enough to try a coloured pair of jeans but since they are more of a Spring trend i really want to try them. Because these ones are quite a dark colour that wouldn't blind you if they reflected off the sunlight, i think they would work well in most outfits. These are also slightly cropped so will work perfectly for spring.

It's quite strange but i already own a pineapple bodycon dress, but who doesn't need another one? I find bodyon dresses quite difficult to wear because when at a party, you tend to eat a lot of bad food which can make your belly pop, and if you are wearing a tight dress, sometimes it doesn't look that great.

I used to be the queen of friendship bracelets- i would have them all the way up my wrist on both arms. I think this watch is such a innovative idea. From a distance it would just look like a friendship bracelet. I always have the issue that watches look too posh and formal for an outfit when i want it to look more grungy, i think Asos have answered my prayers.

This bracelet is also another interesting idea. It looks exactly like you have just wrapped a climbing rope around your wrist but it has an elegant gold chain. I love the contrast. You could easily make this at home with a pretty rope and a bracelet clasp.

I have been looking for a plain and simple shoulder bag for a while now and i think i have found one! This cute little bag from Asos is the perfect size to fit all my things in and i love how gold and tan look together. Tan will literally go with any outfit too so you won't have to think about matching your outfit with your bag everyday.

This velvet crop top would have been a perfect for valentines day. I love how feminine red velvet looks and it reminds me of the cupcakes called red velvet. Velvet matches with everything too and makes every outfit that little bit more feminine and put together.

I would pair these tartan shorts with a black velvet crop top or an over sized cream jumper. They look so preppy and remind me of the days when i used to play online dress up games. Tartan skirts are so last season, tartan shorts are the new thing!

Have you brought anything in the sales yet?

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  1. I love Garfield! I used to watch it all of the time when I was younger!
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