Thursday, 17 April 2014

How to Choose the Right Bikini for You♡

I know that you might not want to admit it but bikini season is getting closer. Every year up until now i have felt fine with my body but suddenly this year my stomach has ballooned out. I eat much healthier than i used to but am still bigger than i was. I blame this on 'being a teenager'. But i will not make excuses or give up! My goal is to have a perfectly polished stomach by the summer. When my body is ready i am going to reward myself with a new bikini. Every year i struggle to find a bikini that suites my body shape; some make my hips look too big, some look see through, some make my boobs fall out (all i will say is never buy a Primark bikini), some make my stomach look fat. 
Here are my top tips for avoiding any beach bale outs or any swimming pool shames:

1. Go bikini shopping with a close friend that you trust will give you their honest opinion. Honestly is very important for me when it comes to shopping. I want my friends to tell me if it looks awful or i need a smaller size because i don't want to come home with the wrong thing. 

2. Shop with someone who is a similar size to you. I often make the mistake of taking my skinniest friends bikini shopping and they look amazing in every bikini and i look like a pregnant frog. This obviously makes me feel really insecure and i always just want to go home. 

3. Workout what parts of your body you want to hide or enhance. If you like your hips maybe choose a bikini that has detailing on the hips (number 6) or a high-waisted one (number 1). I really dislike the lower part of my stomach so i will probably go for a high-waisted one (number 9) or one with detailing around the top (number 3) to take the attention off my stomach.

4. Think about what colours match your skin tone when it is tanned. If you tan really dark choose a colour like white (number 2) or pink to bring it out. If you are very pale choose a bikini with a bold pattern 
(number 4) on to distract the eye from how pale you are. 

5. Think about where you are going to wear the bikini. if you are going to wear it at the beach you might not want a white bikini because the sand will stain it. I always bring two bikinis on holiday with me- one for the beach which is normally a cheap one and then i have a nice one for swimming pools and sunbathing.

Here are my favorite bikinis that are in store now:
1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9

Have you brought your bikini for Summer 2014 yet?


  1. I would not even question your age after reading this post. The bottom of my belly will not budge, I hear leg raises are the exercise to do to target them but, they really hurt the next day. I love Number two, but the tan lines would be horrendous and number 6. They're all gorgeous though.

    Grace x

    1. I do lots of XHIT videos to tone my belly. So far they have been working well. I recommend this one for the lower abs:
      Evie x


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