Saturday, 7 December 2013

What to Get Your Friends for Christmas (with a budget)

Deciding what to get my friends for Christmas and who i am going to buy presents for is always hard. Everyone likes different things and the price always adds up. Here are 3 tips and ideas on what to buy your friends:

1. A Set of Earrings from Claire's! I normally go for a Christmas themed set but it's totally up to you. They normally cost around £9.00 and you get 9 in a set. I always make my cards but it's your choice. Buy/make a card with a Christmas tree on and then take the earrings off the plastic and hang them on the card. This way it looks like you have spent a lot of time and effort on it. If this isn't enough then you could always buy a set of Christmas tree shaped chocolates that you can also hang on your Christmas tree and put one or two in the envelope.

2. Topshop Socks! I have 3 really close friends and Topshop always have a 3 for £8 deal on their socks so this would be perfect. They look so expensive and everyone loves socks so you can't go wrong with them! Again you could make a card and put a few chocolates in the envelope.

3. A Photo Frame! If you have a really close friend then this is a perfect present. You could either buy a pretty frame or you could buy a plain frame and decorate it with buttons, shells or feathers. Then put a picture of you two in it together and job done!

I hope these helped, what are you getting your best friend for Christmas?xox

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