Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Maybelline Mascaras

Hey guys,
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I like to switch up my mascara a lot because sometimes i want fuller lashes but sometimes i want curly lashes. I only own two Maybelline mascaras because i have no need for any more and these are the two most raved about in the blogger world.
Obviously The Falsies was going to be one of the two i would buy. It's so crazy how this mascara has been out for years and years and most bloggers say it beats any high end mascara and they have even re-purchased it. This is my favourite mascara to use for my bottom lashes because it has a curled applicator and doesn't overload them so is really easy to use. It is completely clump free and i find this mascara is the easiest to apply without a mirror because you can't overload it. It's also light and thin so is perfect for make up bags. I would recommend this mascara to people that are starting out their make up collection or just want a more natural looking mascara.
The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara is a lot newer than The Falsies and a lot thicker. I find this mascara to be easy to overload and end up looking like you have 5 day old false lashes on. This mascara does clump a little. The applicator is called a "Glide Brush", it doesn't glide at all it clumps up and gives your lashes an uneven look. This mascara isn't for me because i don't have many lashes and the ones i do have are very thin. After taking this mascara off my eyelashes always feel like rubber. This mascara is more for people that do their eye make up day-to-day and want a thick mascara.

As you can probably guess I prefer The Falsies.

What's your favourite mascara?xox

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