Saturday, 26 October 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

*feel free to just miss out this post because you might be as bored of Baby Lips as i am*

Baby lips have been a massive phenomenon in the lip moisturising world. I own all of them except the Minty Fresh because i'm not keen on the idea of a mint lip balm. Out of the 5 that i own i like three of them. Practically, every girl at my school has them and they are constantly plastering them on their lips. The three tinted one are such a good product for people starting out their makeup collection and are so easy to build up.

Peach Kiss is a dark peach/neutral pink with a shimmer to it. This one is the most moisturising of the lot and smells exactly like peaches. It hides any dry skin and makes the lips look fuller and healthier and completely repairs them with only one or two applications.

Pink Punch is a much more stronger colour and is a favourite with my friends. Again, is really moisturising and hides any dry skin. It looks like a lipgloss but isn't at all heavy. This colour lasts a long time on your lips and applies well. And it smells like fizzy strawberries.

Cherry me is a natural red which isn't as moisturising as the other two. It doesn't hide dry skin as well but the colour is more wearable then Pink Punch. Red colours suit me a lot more but i don't think i could ever wear a bold red lip to school so this product is a good alternative.

There is no difference between Intensive care and Hydrate except Hydrate is a little bit more moist and smells like lemonade. They do nothing for my lips and both dry off my lips in two seconds. I would not recommend these to anyone.

What's your favourite Baby Lips?

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