Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Wanties

Matte nail polishes have been seen on every catwalk this season. They remind me of a chalk board. I love how they look so polished and like your nail is just naturally black. Couldn't get any more Halloweeny if we tried!

I've never really been that great at carving pumpkins so why not wear one on my head instead? This really cute beanie from ASOS is just too cute. After halloween you could cut off the green stalk and then it would just be a orange beanie.

Mittens are the cutest thing a girl could have in her wardrobe. I've always thought mittens with a string on are so adorable. I love these little kitty ones from ASOS. You don't even have to just wear these on halloween.

Claire's was basically my childhood. Even though they are a little over priced, i will forgive them because this headpiece is just so classy and cute! It kind of reminds me of a run-away cat bride...

BOO! Headbands with words on seem to be the trend lately. Urban Outfitters is ripping you off here because you could just make this out of a few pipe cleaners.

Asos is always my go to for tights because they have so much selection. I found both these really cool tights in the Halloween section. I love the bats ones because the bats are so high up that if you wear a short skirt they just peep out the top and aren't just boring plain tights. And the cat ones are just the most adorable tights i've ever seen and you can wear them in a casual outfit too.

In the whole of the world i don't think there will be one make up lover not wearing black eyeliner on Halloween. Eyeliner pens are so easy to use and L'Oreal is everyones favourite eyeliner brand. The Blackbuster gives a really big and sleek line.

Obviously Halloween is a time for dark lipsticks. I don't think i could ever dare going out in a full black lip but i think i could go as far as a dark dark purple. It's not very easy to see but the lipstick i have chosen from mac is Cyber. I'm planning on lining my lips in black and ombre-ing them in.

What are you doing for Halloween?

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